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Monday4:30pm - 10pm

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Intro to Climbing

Intro to Climbing



Intro to Climbing

For those who are new to the sport our Intro to Climbing Lesson is a great way to get started and to open up more opportunity in the facility. No experience or equipment is necessary as we will provide this in the lesson. Our skilled instructors will show you the safety basics of climbing. This includes how to put on and use all of the necessary equipment, tie knots, how to ‘belay’ (perform safety backup for the climber), and get up the wall.

Intro To Climbing Lesson

2hr Learn to Belay Lesson.

  • Includes rental harness and climbing shoes + day pass
  • Instructor required
  • Stay into the next session to continue to climb

*Participants must be 12 yrs +

$45 + HST

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Intro Lesson +

Intro Lesson + 1 Month DUAL Membership

  • 1 month membership starting the day after the lesson.
  • Includes access to Queen West location.
  • Includes rental harness and climbing shoes for duration of membership.

*Membership starts day after lesson and runs for 30 consecutive days. No exceptions.

**One purchase per customer.

***Participants must be 12 yrs +

$89 + HST

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Learn to Lead

Learn to Lead



Learn to Lead

Learn to Lead Classes

Our Lead Course is designed for more experienced climbers looking to advance their skills and try a new form of climbing. Restricted to groups of 3-4, this class is broken down into three x 3-hour sessions.

You will need the equipment listed below in order to take this course:

  • 1 x Dynamic Rope (40 meter minimum)
  • 1 x Petzl Grigri
  • 1 x Locking Carabiner

All of these items are available at Basecamp for purchase.


**Participants must not have any 'Active' Strike(s) on their account.

$225 + HST

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Technique Classes

Technique Classes



Technique Classes

Our technique classes are specifically designed to hone your skills and push your grade. Using specialized drills that cover everything from footwork and handholds to balance and cardio you’ll gain a new understanding of the sport and the skills to push yourself to the next level. Learn more about specific dates and times below.

Technique Classes

Technique classes are designed to provide climbers with the basic skills they need in a slightly small group setting. These classes are perfect for those looking for a friendly and non intimidating way to build their foundation in rock climbing. Classes run Tuesday evenings from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Descriptions and dates are below.

$20 /class* + HST

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*Day pass required if participant is not a member or 10-visit card holder.

8 Week Training For Climbing Course

Designed for climbers who want to invest time in building a strong foundation in climbing technique and explore a structured approach to developing a personalized training plan. This 8-week long program will focus on discovering how to improve physically, mentally and technically with the guidance of a climbing coach. This holistic approach to climbing will successively build on assessing strengths and limitations together, refining movement skills, improving climbing economy while being in a supportive and consistent group environment.

*Recommended to take technique classes prior to enrollment

  • 8 x 2 hr-classes
  • Limited to 6 climbers
  • Intermediate 5.10a – 5.11a
  • $250 members / $300 non-members (+HST)

*Day Pass not included.

$250/$300 + HST

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Rock Fit

Rock Fit



Rock Fit

Rock Fit will teach you the skills and knowledge to develop a balanced body on & off the wall. Our main focus will be mobility stretching, calisthenics & climbing specific training to achieve the results you want. Rock Fit is suitable for any level of climber whether you’re a beginner or more advanced. You can expect your climbing and confidence to improve quickly while loving the process along the way!

Patrick & JJ
Stoked’n Jazzed

Rock Fit Classes

Classes run 8pm-9pm. Please bring workout gear (clothes you feel comfortable sweating and moving in), running and climbing shoes, harness and water bottle!

$20 + HST

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