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Hours of Operation

Sunday10am - 6pm

Monday4:30pm - 10pm

Tuesday4:30pm - 10pm

Wednesday4:30pm - 10pm

Thursday4:30pm - 10pm

Friday4:30pm - 10pm

Saturday10am - 6pm

Learn to Lead

What to expect?

Our Lead Course is designed for more experienced climbers looking to advance their skills and try a new form of climbing.

Lessons will run in one of two preferred ways:

  1. ‘Fast Track’ format on a weekend both Saturday and Sunday from 4 PM to 8 PM
  2. ‘Week Long’ format on two consecutive Sundays from 4 PM to 8 PM with a week in between to practice skills.
  • Lessons run based on participants availability and weight – within 30 lbs of each other. Climbers can sign up individually, in pairs or full groups of 4.
  • Does not require Day Pass/ 10 x Day Pass (Punch Card) for day of lesson
  • Participants need Grigri, locking carabiner and dynamic rope, min. 40 M (All of these items are available at Basecamp for purchase)
  • Staffing ratio, 1:4 – Lead Instructor required (not instructors or belay staff)

If you are already trained in Lead climbing and would like to take a test we recommend calling ahead of time to see if there is a staff member available to administer the test. While we try to keep someone on site at all times who can administer a test, there is no guarantee. A $20 deposit is taken before the test and will be returned upon a complete pass of the test. The maximum weight difference for Leaders allowed in the facility is 50 lbs.

If you’re interested in taking our Lead Course, please fill out our online form below. Once it is completed we will get back to you with potential booking dates as soon as possible.

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