Basecamp will be closed effective Saturday, October 10th due to new government guidelines. Please read more about what this means for you.

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New Provincial Government Closure Update

New Provincial Government Closure Update


Dear Basecamp Family,

As you may have already heard, the provincial government has placed new restrictions and closures on facilities such as ours. We would like to thank you for all of the support you have given us during the first shut down and since we have reopened. Sadly, we have to close our doors once again but only for a short while. Here’s some more details on what this may mean for you:



Any bookings that have been paid for already will have their payments forwarded as a credit and rescheduled to a future date.



All memberships will be placed on freeze beginning Saturday, October 10th for 28 days. The facility will be scheduled to reopen Sunday, November 8th unless otherwise instructed by the government.


Prepaid Memberships

Option 1: You may continue to freeze your membership. From the November 8th reopening date and onward there would then be an unfreeze fee applied of $9.

Option 2: Opt into continuing your membership unfrozen through the shut down and avoid paying an unfreeze fee.


EFT Auto Renewal Memberships

Option 1: Continue your membership on freeze and support Basecamp during the closure with a $9 Freeze fee on October 15th as well as any future billing dates should your return be delayed.

Option 2: Opt into unfreezing and support Basecamp with regular dues paid on October 15th.

Option 3: Email a request to cancel your membership before October 15th until you are ready to return to the gym. 


We truly appreciate your understanding, patience, and support during these strange times. We hope to see you back in the gym again in the near future. 


Please have a happy, safe, and healthy thanksgiving weekend!

Love Team Basecamp