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Community Information & Support

Hello Basecamp Family,

This may be of no surprise to you but we are closed yet again. We hope that another lock down helps minimize the virus and everyone can have a safe and healthy holiday. 

We would like to thank you for the support you’ve given us during all of this. Our staff have on occasion been brought to tears by some of your kind words and gestures. Those moments have kept us going through the difficult situations and circumstances. 

Going forward we will freeze all memberships on Monday, November 23rd. 

The EFT Auto Renewal memberships will not be subject to a freeze fee during this time. Prepaid members who recently paid an unfreeze fee and were active during the past few weeks will not pay an unfreeze fee when you return.

We miss you so much and look forward to the future when we can feel free of the stresses and fears of today.

Stay strong & stay healthy!

Love Team Basecamp


To help support Basecamp you can make a donation which will go towards covering the monthly expenses of both facilities. We thank you again for your continued support and hope to come out of all of this on top!

Posted: Friday, November 22nd, 2020